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Allan Ginsburg 1996 NYC.jpgAllen Ginsburg  NY.jpgAmanda LaPour 2001  NYC.jpgAndrew Lloyd Weber.jpgAndy Warhol, Ann Clifford  1977.jpgAndy Warhol  , Ann Clifford  1982   NYC.jpgAndy Warhol, Ann Clifford   1979 NYC.jpgAndy Warhol, Barbie, 1986, NYC.jpg
Andy Warhol, Calvin Klein, Brooke Shields 1981 NYC.jpgAndy Warhol, Halston, Liza Minelli, Martha Graham, NYC.jpgAndy Warhol , Jane Holtzer  1985   NYC.jpgAndy Warhol. John Samuels 1979 NYC.jpgAndy Warhol 1979 NY.jpgAndy Warhol, NY, 1979.jpgAndy Warhol  1979, NYC.jpgAndy Warhol 1979 NYC.jpg
Andy Warhol 1981  NYC.jpgAndy Warhol 1986  NYC.jpgAndy Warhol 1986 NYC.jpgAndy Warhol     NYC       Cliff.jpgAndy Warhol   1986   NYC   cliff.jpgAndy Warhol , Paulette  1979.jpgAndy Warhol, Pia Zadora  NYC.jpgAndy Warhol, Pia Zadora 1983 NYC.jpg
Andy Warhol, Steve Rubell 1981 NYC .jpgAnita Pallenberg and friend 1981, NY.jpgAnita Pallenberg 1981, NY.jpgAnna Nicole Smith 01, NY.jpgAnna Nicole Smith  2001  NYC.jpgAnna Nicole Smith  NYC.jpgBarbara Walters, Ted Koppel, 1985, NY...jpgBarry Diller and Catherine Oxenberg 1987, NY.jpg
Barry Diller, Diane Von Furstenberg  2001  NYC.jpgBianca Jagger 1981 NYC.jpgBijou Phillips NYC.jpgBill Clinton 1987, NY.jpgBobby Zarem and Peggy Siegal  1999, NY.jpgBrooke Shields and Andre Agassi 1997, Carmel, Ca..jpgBrooke Shields, Andre Agassi 1997  Carmel Calif..jpgBrooke Shields, Keith Haring  NYC.jpg
Brooke Shields, Muhammad Ali 1984 NYC.jpgBrooke Shields  1982    NYC   cliff.jpgBrooke Shields with Muhammad Ali and daughter 1984.jpgBrooke, Teri Shields 1987 Princeton, NJ.jpgBruce Jenner and Linda Thompson 1985, NY1.jpgBruce Jenner, Linda Thompson 1981 LA.jpgCalvin Klein, Faye Dunaway  1989, NY.jpgCalvin Klein 1989   NYC.jpg
Carl Bernstein and friend, 1981, NY.jpgCaroline Kennedy.jpgCaroline Kennedy and Ed Schlossberg 1988, NY1.jpgCaroline Kennedy and Ed Schlossberg 1996,NY...jpgCaroline Kennedy and Ed Schlossberg, 1986, NY 7.jpgCaroline Kennedy and Ed Schlossberg, 1988, NYC.jpgCaroline Kennedy and Maria Shriver 1981, NYC.jpgCaroline Kennedy 1990, Boston, Mass 1990 ,.jpg
Caroline Kennedy, John F Kennedy Jr. 1991 Boston.jpgCaroline Kennedy  1994 NY.jpgCaroline Kennedy 1984, NY 2.jpgCaroline Kennedy with friend Martin Kaplan and Robin Leach 1981, NY.jpgChelsea Clinton  2001  NYC.jpgCheryl Tiegs , Brooke Shields, Christie Brinkley 1983 NYC.jpgCheryl Tiegs 1979, NY.jpgChristie Brinkley and Brooke Shields  1983 NYC.jpg
Christina Onassis NY 81.jpgChristina Onassis, NY 1981.jpgChristina Onassis  1981 NYC.jpgChristina Onassis NYC 1981.jpgCindy Crawford 1990, NY.jpgCindy Crawford 1992  NYC.jpgClaus Von Bulow 1989 NYC.jpgClive Davis 2001  NYC.jpg
Photos 1-72 of 353. view in browse mode
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