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Al Pacino 1982, NY2.jpgAndy Warhol, Elizabeth Taylor, mom, Sarah, director Joseph Mankowitz 1986  NYC.jpgAngela Lansbury 1982, NY 2.jpgAngela Lansbury 1982, NY.jpgAnn Miller, Ethyl Merman  1979.jpgAnn Miller, Ginger Rogers  1984.jpgAnthony Quinn , family 1985  NYC.jpgAudrey Hepburn and Rob Wolders 1982, NY 7.jpg
Audrey Hepburn and Rob Wolders 1981, Washington, DC.jpgAudrey Hepburn and son Sean Ferrer 1987, NY.jpgAudrey Hepburn 1984, LA.jpgAudrey Hepburn 1986, LA.jpgAudrey Hepburn 1990 LA.jpgAudrey Hepburn NY 8.jpgAudrey Hepburn, Robert Wagner 1987, LA.jpg1977-Ava Gardner, Hollywood.jpg
Barbra Streisand 1.jpgBette Davis 1987 LA.jpgBette Davis 1981, NY.jpgBette Davis 1982  NY.jpgBette Davis 1982, NY 3.jpgBette Davis 1985 NY.jpgBette Davis 1985, NY 8..jpgBette Davis, 1982.  NY.jpg
Bette Davis , 1985   NYC.jpgBob Hope and Ann Jillian 1984, NY.jpgBob Hope and Brooke Shields 1983, NY.jpgBob Hope 1982, NY  3.jpgBob Hope 1982, NY 2.jpgBob Hope with Wanda Richert 1983, NY.jpgCarol Burnett and Elizabeth Taylor 1983, LA.jpgCary Grant 1981.jpg
Cary Grant, Barbara 1981 NY.jpg1978-Cary Grant, Hollywood.jpgCary Grant, Hollywood, Ca..jpgCary Grant,  Los Angeles 1978 2.jpgCary Grant, wife Barbara 1983 LA.jpgCary Grant, wife 1982 NYC.jpgClaudette Colbert 1981 NYC.jpgClint Eastwood. Jimmy Stewart 1989.jpg
Danny Thomas.jpgDavid McGough with James Cagney 1980, D.C..jpgDean Martin and Frank Sinatra, NY 1984 7.jpgDean Martin 1983  LA.jpgDean Martin , Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra 1987 LA.jpgDean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra 1987, LA.jpgDinah Shore 1985, NY2.jpgDinah Shore, NY 1985 1.jpg
Dinah Shore,1981, NY.jpgDoris Day 1978 Los Angeles.jpgEartha Kitt 1981, NY 2..jpgEd Koch, Frank Sinatra  1984, NYC  cliff.jpgElizabeth Taylor 011.jpgElizabeth Taylor 1.jpgElizabeth Taylor 1983.jpgElizabeth Taylor 1984.jpg
Elizabeth Taylor 1986.jpgElizabeth Taylor, Aileen Getty 1988 LA.jpgElizabeth Taylor and  Dennis Stein 1985, NY 8.jpgElizabeth Taylor and Halston 1979, NY 3.jpgElizabeth Taylor and Halston 1979, NYC 2.jpgElizabeth Taylor and husband, Larry 1991 LA.jpgElizabeth Taylor and Larry Fortensky  019.jpgElizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton 1983, NY 7.jpg
Elizabeth Taylor and Van Johnson 1987, NY.jpgElizabeth Taylor and Victor Luna , 0154.jpgElizabeth Taylor at NY Stock Exchange, Wall Street, 1989 NYC.jpgElizabeth Taylor, Barry Manilow 1988, LA.jpgElizabeth Taylor, Bob Dylan  1986 Hollywood.jpgElizabeth Taylor, Brooke Shields 1983 NYC.jpgElizabeth Taylor, Calvin Klein 1986 NYC.jpgElizabeth Taylor 1988 Dallas, Tx  cliff.jpg
Photos 1-72 of 314. view in browse mode
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