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ACDC,  Brian Johnson and Angus Young on stage in Los Angeles 1985 LA.jpgACDC 1997, NYC.jpgAdam Ant - 1982, NYC.jpgAdam Ant 1981, NYC.jpgAdam Ant 1982, NYC.jpgAdam Ant  NYC cliff.jpgAdam Ant , NYC 1982 cliff.jpgAerosmith at Grammy Awards, 1.jpg
Aerosmith, Joe Perry  1980  NYC.jpgAerosmith   1991, LA.jpgAhmet Ertegun, Solomon Burke  2001   NYC.jpgAhmet Ertegun , wife Mica.jpgAlec Baldwin and Kim Bassinger 1998, NY..jpgAlexander Haig and Meryl Streep 1986, NY,cliff.jpgAlice Cooper 1990, LA.jpgAlice Cooper 1988, Los Angeles.jpg
Alice Cooper, Toni Basil 1984  cliff.jpgAndy Gibb, Barry Gibb, Barry__s wife 1982 Cliff.jpgAndy Gibb, Maureen McGovern 1982 NY.jpgAndy Gibb 1978, NY 4.jpgAndy Gibb 1979, NY3.jpgAndy Gibb 1977 NYC.jpgAndy Gibb 1978 NYC.jpgAndy Gibb 1978, NYC 3.jpg
Andy Gibb, parents 1982 NYC.jpgAndy Warhol, Billy Squire, Cornelia Guest  1983, NYC.jpgAndy Warhol, Debbie Harry , Blondie 1982, NY 7.jpgAndy Warhol , Nico  1977  NYC.jpgAnita Pallenberg 1981, NY.jpgAnn and Nancy Wilson, Heart 1982, NY cliff.jpgAretha Franklin 1989.jpgAretha Franklin and Nick Ashford 1989, NY.jpg
Aretha Franklin 2000, NY 8.jpgAretha Franklin  NYC.jpgAretha Franklin, 2000, NYC.jpgAshford and Simpson and daughter Nichole 1982.jpgAxyl Rose, Jennifer Driver 1994 NYC.jpgAxyl Rose 1989 LA.jpgAxyl Rose 1990 LA.jpgAxyl Rose, Stephanie Seymour 1991 NYC.jpg
Barbara Mandrell 1989, LA 1.jpgBarbra Streisand  1985  NYC.jpgBarry Manilow   1981  NYC.jpgBarry Manilow 1983  NYC.jpgBarry Manilow 1983 NYC.jpgBB King, Kenny Wayne Shepherd 2000, NYC.jpgBB King, Les Paul 1988 NYC.jpgBB King -2000, NY 8.jpg
BB King  1992, NYC.jpgBB King 2000, NYC...jpgBeach Boys, Brian and Carl Wilson and Gina Martin 1985.jpgBeach Boys,     NJ.jpgBeach Boys 1983 NYC.jpgBeastie Boys 1987 NYC.jpgBeastie Boys , Run DMC 1987  NYC.jpgBeatles.jpg
Be Bop Deluxe  1976, Columbus, Ohio.jpgBee Gees 1986 NYC.jpgBette Midler  1982, NY.jpgBette Midler  1982, NYC.jpgBeverly Sills and her mom, 1988, NY.jpgBill Wyman and son Stephen 1990.jpgBilly Idol.jpgBilly Idol 1985, Hollywood2 1.jpg
Billy Idol, 1985  Hollywood.jpgBilly Idol NY.jpgBilly Idol 1996 NYC.jpgBilly Idol 1984 NYC.jpg cliff.jpgBilly Idol, Peri Lister 1984 NY.jpgBilly Idol. Perri Lister and Sam Kinison 1989, LA.jpgBilly Joel and Christie Brinkley 1983, NYC...jpgBilly Joel, Christie Brinkley 1983 NYC.jpg
Photos 1-72 of 1540. view in browse mode
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